Why choose stone for your restaurant or bar countertops?

Granite and Quartz surfaces both provide aesthetic brilliance, as well as outstanding performance. With the amount of footfall that a bar or restaurant will be likely to encounter, hardwearing materials are an absolute must.

The durability of stone flooring is also apparent in how easily spills can be cleaned up; as the hospitality industry is more prone than most to such incidents, the extremely low absorbency of stone flooring makes them ideal for such use. Where carpet and wood would absorb spilled food and drink, leading to lingering stains and unpleasantness, a well-maintained stone flow will admit no such intrusion.

Granite for bars and restaurants

Granite is about as solid and tough as a naturally occurring material can be. Slabs of granite are mined directly from the earth, before being shaped by us to match the requirements and specification of our clients.

The only additional work needed to make granite ready for use as flooring is to seal its ordinarily porous surface, ensuring that no moisture can penetrate below.

With occasional maintenance from its new owner, a granite floor will stand the test of time.

Quartz for bars and restaurants

Unlike the range of Granite surfaces and floor tiles that we stock, our range of high quality Quartz alternatives have seen a bit more processing since being removed from the ground. After being mined, the quartz is ground up, and then mixed with a variety of pigments and a sealant (typically a variety of resin).

This makes Quartz flooring and surfaces particularly hygienic, being entirely non-porous, and therefore ideal for use in the hospitality industry. We offer a variety of other stone flooring products on request.

One off installations or contracts for multiple locations

Our friendly and reliable installation team are available for both individual jobs and fit-outs across multiple locations; we’re able to facilitate whatever our clients require.

We offer a variety of other stone flooring and surfacing products on request. The quality of our stone products is assured through the use of the highest quality stone, as well as the best tools and techniques available for cutting, shaping and finishing every item that we generate.

Our highly skilled fabricators and installers will collaborate with you to ensure that the product that you receive exactly matches the product that you require.

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