Why choose stone for your office?

Choosing stone as a material for your office or reception area simultaneously makes a bold design statement whilst also making everything easier to clean and maintain.

Stone is well known for its durability and hard-wearing nature; ensuring that, as an area with a large amount of customer facing activity your reception area is up to the task.

Stone flooring and surfaces are also especially easy to clean. They are inherently non-absorbent, making them almost impossible to stain, and also means that a broad range of cleaning products can be utilised.

Stone reception desks – Granite and Quartz

The range of stone surfaces that we stock at County Stone Granite are ideal for use as reception desks; allowing you to create a variety of moods and shapes to complement the design scheme that your business has chosen.

Quartz is completely sealed, granite can also be maintained in a way that reduces its porousness to negligible levels, making both materials incredibly resistant to damage and discolouration. From spilled coffee, to heavy deliveries; our stone surfaces will take the worst that a working day can throw at them, and come out looking great.

Stone tiling for floors and walls

Granite and quartz tiles are particularly strong and hard-wearing, ensuring that they can hold up to the rigours of busy modern workplaces, regardless of how high the foot-fall.

Being particularly quick and easy to clean and maintain, stone flooring also boosts the effectiveness of under-floor heating; making your office reception welcoming on even the coldest of days.

The traditional vibe provided by stone flooring will simultaneously relax and impress visitors.

One off installations or contracts for multiple locations

Our friendly and reliable installation team are available for both individual jobs and fit-outs across multiple locations; we’re able to facilitate whatever our clients require.

We offer a variety of other stone flooring and surfacing products on request. The quality of our stone products is assured through the use of the highest quality stone, as well as the best tools and techniques available for cutting, shaping and finishing every item that we generate.

Our highly skilled fabricators and installers will collaborate with you to ensure that the product that you receive exactly matches the product that you require.

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