Some of our frequently asked questions

How do I choose a bathroom worktop?

Choosing the right worktop for your bathroom can be a difficult decision. There's a number of factors that have to be considered; the style, finish, colour and type will all play a part in your eventual choice.
Furthermore the bathroom worktop is unique as it is exposed to a number of elements - water, heat and chemicals from shampoo/conditioner and more - on a regular basis, so it's important to choose a material that can withstand such combinations.

What types of bathroom worktop do you offer?

At County Stone Granite, we specialise in delivering granite bathroom worktops, quartz bathroom worktops and marble bathroom tops.
But how do you decide which worktop to choose? Do you want your bathroom to feature the smooth finish that marble delivers or do you want a totally unique pattern for your worktop? In this case, quartz might be the best option or perhaps you require the strength of granite. We can advise on all areas.

Okay, I have chosen a stone - how do I get a quote?

Customers can obtain a quote via email, online or in person at our showroom. We'll need to ask some personal details (name, address, number, postcode), details on the stone you've chosen and various additions needed to the worktop (hob cutouts, drilled holes, sink cutouts and more). Once we finalise the quote, we can start the template process.

What is templating?

Our professional templater makes a pattern of your work top, talking you through the proposed layout of your worktop as well as outlining measurements and specifications. It's important to book an appointment with our templater soon after finalised your quote, as this means we can start processing your order as quick as possible.
However, it is important that customers understand what is needed from them before the templating process can begin; please see our Stone Templating page for more details.

Which factory cuts the stone?

We have our own factory run by a team of in-house experts that cut all of our materials to your exact specifications. The fabrication process begins after taking templates for your new worktops and, once received, your worktops will be cut from a whole slab of stone.
Once cut, the stone is checked by our head mason who ensures every piece of stone is cut with the precision and quality that we pride ourselves on. If the seal of approval is given, we will apply a sealant to the stone and place it in our loading bay ready for delivery.

Will you deliver the stone?

Once cut, we'll be in contact to arrange an installation date. Our expert fitter will generally take around 2-4 hours to install your new bathroom worktop depending on the size of the worktop itself. Once fitted, we advise leaving the worktop alone for a few days to allow the sealant to dry, ensuring your worktop is in the best condition before use.