Carrara Quartz - Ferring

    • ferring4
County Stone installed Carrara white quartz worktops to a customers stunning kitchen in Ferring. Carrara white quartz provides a beautiful look and luxurious feel, an alternative and popular choice to marble. ***Please click on the main picture for further images***
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Carrara Marble & honed black granite - Aldwick Bay

    • aldwick bay4
County Stone went to install 'Carrara Marble' to a customers bathroom in Aldwick Bay last week.  The customer chose 'Carrara Marble' in one bathroom and 'Honed Black Granite' in another bathroom.  Carrara Marble boasts timeless elegance with the striking blue/grey veining across an off-white background.  ***Please click on the main picture…
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Portuguese Limestone - Binsted

    • binstead7
County Stone went to install a bespoke Portuguese limestone surround to a customers house in Binsted.  This surround was hand crafted onsite by our very experienced mason. 
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Silestone White Storm - Cobham

    • white storm2
County Stone went to install Silestone 'White Storm' to a customers house in Cobham.  White Storm by Silestone is a white quartz surface with quite fine quartz graining, which though noticeable, is not overwhelming.  County Stone have a great deal of off cuts in the yard that can be used…
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A guide to Christmas entertaining

    • christmas entertainment ideas
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so they say, but if you’re hosting the festivities this time around, now is about the time the nerves kick in. After all, there’s a lot of pressure on your plate: for some people, Christmas is the most important day of the year…
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Our work in West Sussex

    • kitchen worktops in west sussex
West Sussex is a place of real beauty, both natural and man-made. Complementing the county’s diverse scenery – which includes everything from coastal stretches to woodland and grassy plains – are a number of prominent stately homes. Goodwood and Petworth House are perhaps the most recognised, and both draw tourists from…
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How to create a Surrey-style in your kitchen

    • surrey valley
Say ‘Surrey’ and people usually picture sprawling, mock-Tudor mansions astride a wide road heading directly to London. Or wonderful detached homes with gently sloping gardens that roll down towards the Thames. Or a renovated apartment in a listed building. To say it’s a desirable place to live would be an understatement.…
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A leader in East Sussex and beyond

    • east sussex kitchen style
East Sussex is a beautiful place, isn’t it? Stretching from Brighton right up the coast to the village of Camber, it’s home to an array of stunning scenery. The county also reaches north in the direction of Tunbridge Wells, meaning there’s plenty of gorgeous countryside to roam. It’s not just outside…
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3 bathroom ideas for 2016

    • natural bathroom with a bath
If your bathroom is looking rather tired and doesn’t quite feel like the relaxing, tranquil space it should be, then you’re probably considering undergoing a change. You don’t have to rip out and replace your entire bathroom – a small tweak here and there can make a huge difference. We’ve looked…
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Carrara Quartz

    • cararramarble2
County Stone recently installed 'Carrara Quartz' worktops to a customers stunning kitchen in Balham, London.    Carrara quartz has become very popular, it resembles the natural movement of marble however its is more durable, easier to maintain and cost effective, 
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How to choose a stone fireplace

    • stone fireplace by county stone
Who doesn’t love a good fireplace? Even non-functional ones can make any living room feel comfy, cosy and warm. They are a wonderful centrepiece and are bound to catch the eye of anyone who visits your abode.If you’re thinking of installing a fireplace from scratch or simply want to update…
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How to create a Sussex style in your kitchen

    • seven sisters hills sussex
Sussex is a huge and historic county – some might say it’s the best – boasting the wonderful Downs, the Regency splendour of Brighton and Hove, and the majesty of Bodiam Castle, to name but a few highlights. Then there’s the ancient legends of giants at Arundel, the site of the…
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How to choose a kitchen worktop

    • bamboo5
Ranking among the most important decisions we have to make in our lives, ‘which kitchen worktop should I choose?’ is possibly the biggest which relates to the home. All jokes aside, you can repaint a wall, convert an office back into a bedroom and hide Nana’s bequeathed sideboard, but replacing a…
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How to decorate your hearth

    • decorating your hearth county stone
Once the stockings, holly, and tinsel are gone, it can be difficult to know what to do with your fireplace. Even if you kept your decorations simple, it looks naked without any festive cheer. There's no need to let the passing of Christmas get you down though - there’s plenty you…
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Natural Christmas fireplace decorations

    • pinecones and dried fruit
Fed up of using the same fireplace decorations you’ve had for the past decade? Maybe you don’t want to buy the same old supermarket items that all of your friends put on their mantels? If you’re looking for something different and special this year, we recommend decorating your fireplace in a…
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Things you didn't know you could use Lapitec for

    • lapitec flooring
Lapitec has so many great qualities, it's no surprise that it's used to create such a wide variety of surfaces. It's perhaps most commonly used as a kitchen work surface, but what are its more unusual applications? In this article, we take a look, and explain why Lapitec is the best…
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12 must-have kitchen gadgets

    • thermomix blender and chopper
If you've just had a beautiful new kitchen fitted (or you're planning to), you'll want to fill it with beautiful things. It's likely you removed a couple of boxes of unused machines and pointless utensils from your kitchen when you were preparing for the refit, so you'll want to replenish your…
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A guide to summer entertaining

    • steaks on the bbq
Some of us are born hosts, while others are destined to be guests. The hosts are those whose house you go to for every family meal; who throw parties for both their own and friends’ birthdays; who invite everyone over for Wimbledon or the World Cup because they have the big…
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