How to choose a stone fireplace

    • stone fireplace by county stone
Who doesn’t love a good fireplace? Even non-functional ones can make any living room feel comfy, cosy and warm. They are a wonderful centrepiece and are bound to catch the eye of anyone who visits your abode.If you’re thinking of installing a fireplace from scratch or simply want to update…
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How to create a Sussex style in your kitchen

    • seven sisters hills sussex
Sussex is a huge and historic county – some might say it’s the best – boasting the wonderful Downs, the Regency splendour of Brighton and Hove, and the majesty of Bodiam Castle, to name but a few highlights. Then there’s the ancient legends of giants at Arundel, the site of the…
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How to choose a kitchen worktop

    • bamboo5
Ranking among the most important decisions we have to make in our lives, ‘which kitchen worktop should I choose?’ is possibly the biggest which relates to the home. All jokes aside, you can repaint a wall, convert an office back into a bedroom and hide Nana’s bequeathed sideboard, but replacing a…
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How to decorate your hearth

    • decorating your hearth county stone
Once the stockings, holly, and tinsel are gone, it can be difficult to know what to do with your fireplace. Even if you kept your decorations simple, it looks naked without any festive cheer. There's no need to let the passing of Christmas get you down though - there’s plenty you…
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Natural Christmas fireplace decorations

    • pinecones and dried fruit
Fed up of using the same fireplace decorations you’ve had for the past decade? Maybe you don’t want to buy the same old supermarket items that all of your friends put on their mantels? If you’re looking for something different and special this year, we recommend decorating your fireplace in a…
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Things you didn't know you could use Lapitec for

    • lapitec flooring
Lapitec has so many great qualities, it's no surprise that it's used to create such a wide variety of surfaces. It's perhaps most commonly used as a kitchen work surface, but what are its more unusual applications? In this article, we take a look, and explain why Lapitec is the best…
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12 must-have kitchen gadgets

    • thermomix blender and chopper
If you've just had a beautiful new kitchen fitted (or you're planning to), you'll want to fill it with beautiful things. It's likely you removed a couple of boxes of unused machines and pointless utensils from your kitchen when you were preparing for the refit, so you'll want to replenish your…
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A guide to summer entertaining

    • steaks on the bbq
Some of us are born hosts, while others are destined to be guests. The hosts are those whose house you go to for every family meal; who throw parties for both their own and friends’ birthdays; who invite everyone over for Wimbledon or the World Cup because they have the big…
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Antalya New Cream Bathroom

    • portland bathroom 3
County Stone went to fit 'Antalya New Cream' stone to a customers bathroom in West Chiltington.  Antalya New Cream originates from Turkey.  Please click on the arrows for more pictures. 
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The dirty truth about white granite: how to keep it clean

    • inside of washington dc station
The absolute height of kitchen sophistication isn’t that under cupboard LED colour-changing lighting, nor the fancy wine chiller which stores all your prosecco. It is, of course, a solid, smooth granite worktop. While the other gadgets are nice, they drop in and out of fashion; ripped out when new owners move…
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Ubatuba Granite Kitchen Worktops

    • uba tuba 9
County Stone went to install 'Ubatuba' granite worktops to a customers house in Portslade last week.  Ubatuba granite sounds quite exotic - it is one of the most popular countertop materials. Ubatuba granite is quarried in Brazil. The popularity of Ubatuba granite countertops is due to the affordable price and the…
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Design tips for creating the perfect office reception area

    • stone reception desk
Image: Ben Kraan Architecten BNA Source: When meeting a client for the first time, you wouldn't turn up in a tracksuit and some muddy trainers. No, you'd don your best suit and make sure you look as smart as possible. This is because you know that first impressions matter. Like it…
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Norwegians wooed: What is Lundhs stone and why is it so popular?

    • lundhs large kitchen
Isn’t it good, Norwegian wood? Paul McCartney certainly thought so, but we’re not here to talk about anything porous or fibrous. You see, it turns out that Norway is also good for natural stone, and there are a few types in particular that have millions of Norwegians wooed. Norway’s natural stone…
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Caesarstone Snow Worktops

    • caesarstone8
County Stone went to install Caesarstone Snow quartz worktops to a customers kitchen in Shoreham yesterday.  Snow is one of Caesarstone's Classico Collection best-selling colour.    Quartz is one of nature’s hardest minerals. Caesarstone surfaces are composed of up to 93% quartz, and are therefore designed to last.    All Caesarstone…
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Five of the best bar and restaurant interiors

    • ozone bar and lounge
When looking for somewhere good to eat and drink, it's not just the food or alcohol on offer that has to grab us. The design of a bar and restaurant can alter the entire atmosphere to ensure all your senses are being delighted, not just your taste buds. If you're looking for…
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How to clean Lapitec (Infographic)

    • lapitech kitchen worktop demo
Lapitec is unlike any other stone on the market. It is known as a sintered stone and increasingly, people are choosing Lapitec worktops and floors over other stones, because the material holds unique properties that make it incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Here's how to clean Lapitec: What is Lapitec…
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How to clean granite worktops

    • fotolia 76025599 1200
A granite worktop is widely considered as one of the most luxurious additions to any kitchen, something that inspires both admiration and envy in onlookers. If you have one, you'll probably appreciate the care and skill that went into cutting and installing it exactly to your specifications. To do it justice, it's important to…
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Interior design trends for 2015

    • marsala is the colour of the year according to pantone
The New Year is a time at which many of us dwell on the state of our homes; resolving to 'paint that bathroom' or 'finish the kitchen' once and for all. It's also a time at which experts share their predictions for fads and fashions that you might like to take…
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