Tips on decorating your fireplace for Christmas

    • christmas fireplace
When it comes to Christmas, nothing makes the home looking more inviting, warm and festive than a decorated fireplace. The focus of the lounge, it's around the fireplace that you and your guests will gather on those cold, winter evenings with a glass of mulled wine in hand. The pressure to…
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Everything you need to know about Lapitec

    • lapitech kitchen white
You may not have heard of it before, but lapitec is a unique product that makes a perfect kitchen countertop, hearth or bathroom floor. In fact, it has a wide-range of uses, but what makes it so good? Well, think about the positive properties of ceramic, granite, quartz and porcelain -…
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Ten benefits of Lapitec for kitchens

    • lapitech kitchen
Granite and quartz are both fine materials to choose for your kitchen or bathroom, as are ceramic and porcelain, but what if there was a material out there that possessed all the benefits of the above? Well, there is, and it's called Lapitec. This stone-like material is formed using a recreated natural process…
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Indian Black Leathered Granite

    • willow mad 2
County Stone Granite recently fitted 30mm 'Indian Black Leathered Granite' worktops to a customers stunning kitchen in Chandlers Ford.  The granite worktops really complimented the shaker style kitchen and travertine flooring.  Indian Black Leathered granite offers a dark and textured finish to countertops, making them the perfect partner to any style…
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Which AGA should you choose?

    • masterchef black2
(Image source: AGA living) Other than a gleaming, solid granite worktop, one of the most coveted elements of a kitchen is an AGA range. An AGA is not only a practical piece of equipment, it's an iconic status symbol with a reputation that inspires admiration. However, it's not simply a case of one-size-fits-all…
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How to prepare your kitchen for a summer garden party

    • kitchenbbq
With the warm months finally upon us, lots of people will be inviting friends and family round for a BBQ, but it won't be the garden that assumes the guests' attention. The kitchen is arguably the biggest show-piece in any house - no matter whether or not you actually cook in it…
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A kitchen deconstructed: which items/areas need space in your design?

When designing a kitchen it's important to plan where everything is going to go, especially if you've only got a small space to work with. There are plenty of great storage solutions out there to suit all sorts of kitchen designs, so don't panic if you suddenly realise you've got ten tons of kitchen appliances. Here's…
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Ten ways to give your kitchen an international flavour

    • Croudace Show Kitchen in Bianco Sardo
Although the traditional British kitchen is always a winning look, you might decide you want something a little bit more exotic. You might not be able to afford to travel the world, but there's no reason why you can't bring a little bit of your favourite country into your kitchen. An international influence can turn the room…
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How to create a minimalist kitchen

    • Roxan Construction Central Park Bournemouth Dorset
Goodbye traditional, farmhouse kitchens - a survey published in the Los Angeles Times has claimed that the most popular kitchen trend at the moment is minimalism. Requests for this sleek, modern look are fast over-taking those rustic alternatives, according to the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association, with home-owners preferring clean lines to the fuss…
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Ten features of the ideal bathroom

    • bathroom sink
When making a big purchase - like a house or car - most people will undertake two searches. The first is with strict budget controls to see just what offers there are within their price range. Then, once the enthusiasm fades or curiosity starts to pique, the filters are giddily discarded to…
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How to clean a granite hearth

    • cleaning granite hearth infographic
Granite is a popular stone choice when it comes to hearths and it's easy to see why. They come in a wide variety of colours, are robust, attractive and most importantly, they are easy to clean. However, it's also easy to damage your granite by cleaning it the wrong way, so…
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Can I afford an Aga? Running costs explained

    • aga in kitchen
If you're planning to renovate your kitchen some time soon, you might be considering putting in an AGA - and why wouldn't you? They help keep the house warm, look stunning and do so much more than just cook great tasting food. However, AGAs haven't always received positive press in the…
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How to make your kitchen as low maintenance as possible

    • pebble beach 159
As it is commonly known, houses take a lot of upkeep. Kitchens are especially hard to keep tidy and organised, considering how often they are used - on a daily basis.  So, it is useful to know a few ways in which this maintenance can be simplified to make life that…
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How to create a country kitchen style

    • Giallo veniziano granite worktop
Whether you live out in the sticks or in a tiny city apartment, it's always possible to create a kitchen with a country look. These sorts of kitchens are particularly ideal for families, as they provide a warm, welcoming space where everyone will want to hang out. On the other hand,…
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How to smarten up a bathroom

    • picture 702
The bathroom is one of those key rooms within a home that can be revolutionised with just a few minor touches. Anything old or tired-looking can reflect badly on the whole house, whilst something a little smarter gives the entire place a lift. One problem, however, is that people think that smartening up…
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Ten ways to 'soften' a room featuring stone surfaces

    • Croudace Kitchen Show home Bianco Sardo
There are tons of plus points to using stone in your home. For example, granite worktops don't decrease in value, they're easy to clean, they can handle heat and pressure and they always have a unique one-of a kind look. However, if you don't accessorise stone properly in the home, your…
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Blanco Maple Quartz worktops

    • andy grafham 4 1280x834
County Stone recently fitted beautiful Blanco Maple Quartz worktops for a customer in Birdham, West Sussex. The Silestone Quartz really complimented the customers shade of green units and has provided a modern yet contemporary finish to the kitchen.
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Kitchen shapes - what are the options?

    • Croudace Kitchen Show home Bianco Sardo
When it comes to kitchens, the shape and layout can make all the difference. If you're redesigning your kitchen from scratch or are simply considering other options, it's very important to get the shape right. On the other hand, you might be stuck with a particular shape because that's the shape…
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Fireplace options: wood burners, electric and more

    • Bury Fireplace
A fireplace is an investment which not only provides comforting heat to a room, but can also act as a centrepiece for the whole house.    Larger fireplaces can be the primary heat source for a house and some are so beautifully designed that they can transform a ordinary-looking room into a luxurious living space. There…
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