Regular maintenance is important to keep a sealed surface looking great. Granite is resilient to marking from heat and knives, however we recommend using the provided chopping board to prevent any chance of this happening.

Your surface should be dusted regularly to keep your worktops free of abrasive grit and dirt. Kitchen cleaners containing bleach or antibacterial agents can over time cause the sealant to break down, thus leaving your surface unprotected. Please refrain from using them.

Daily cleaning: County Stone Granite recommends using (HANAFINN Rejuvenata TM) in conjunction with a Micro fibre cloth or paper towel. RejuvenataTM contains a small percentage of invisible sealant which adds to the protective layer with every use.

Monthly cleaning: County Stone Granite recommends using (HANAFINN Oxy-KlenzaTM) in conjunction with a Micro fibre cloth or sponge. Oxy-KlenzaTM is a superb product, not only can it be used for stubborn marks and monthly cleans, it can also be used for stone floors/tiles etc.

Acidic substances: (e.g. wine, orange juice, cola) may etch the stone if left to sit on your surface, it should be mopped up using water and a mild neutral pH detergent as soon as possible.

Hard Water: In hard water areas it is common for lime scale to build up around the tap and draining area. To remove please use (000 wire wool) and gently rub the area until removed.

Sealing: Your worktops have been sealed using DRY TREAT (STAIN-PROOFTM) the leading manufacturer in sealing products. There is a 15 year guarantee available to accredited applicators, to activate contact County Stone Granite. There is a small fee but we highly recommend activating your warranty.

 • Products: All the above products can be bought directly from County Stone Granite.