Underfloor heating is a must-have design addition

Underfloor heating (UFH) is a worthwhile addition to the home, according to telegraph.co.uk. Installing a UFH system is also not as costly as some people may think.

One of the key benefits of underfloor heating is that it can effectively heat the whole room, not just keep feet warm. Because the floor stores the heat, it warms the structure of the building.

When a door or window is open, heat from radiators escapes quickly, but with a UFH system, the heat remains in the building, even if the air temperature drops.

Jeff Howell, writing for telegraph.co.uk is a firm supporter of UFH saying: "People with underfloor heating tend to be rather evangelical about it, which used to make me suspicious, but I have had electric UFH in my own house for six years now, and I have joined their ranks - I wouldn't want to be without it."

Which.co.uk pointed out that installing underfloor heating means radiators can be removed, giving a room more space. In kitchens particularly, this extra room can be extremely valuable.

Using a timer system and a thermostat means the electricity bill doesn't have to be extortionate either. Being on the correct tariff can give enough heat without costing a fortune.

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