Small changes can update a bathroom, says guide

A new guide published this week claims that there are a few small changes that can instantly update a bathroom.

The article, published on claimed that many homeowners think renovating their bathroom will be hugely expensive, however it said this is not the case.

Small changes that would instantly freshen up a bathroom which were suggested by the guide included adding a simple roman blind, replacing curtains and buying accessories. 

It is also suggested that home decorators may want to buy a stand-out item, reading: "Should your bathroom be large enough, a simple-styled chair with a jazzy cushion may be all your room would need to give it a fresh appeal."

Another article published this week also gave ideas about cheap fixes for a refreshed bathroom. The post from suggested ideas such as buying a new shower curtain and purchasing fluffy towels for a "spa-like retreat".

The article also gives suggestions to those who want to spend more updating their bathroom. This included things such as a large free-standing bath and a high-tech toilet. Homeowners may also want to change their surface and purchase granite worktops, which could bring a big change to the bathroom.

This will also work well, considering it was reported last month that nature is a big trend in interiors right now as granite tends to work well with wood items. 

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