Gold back in fashion for interiors

Interior experts have claimed that gold is once again back in trend for interiors.  

Use of the metal has been limited for the last couple of decades, with decorators opting for other metals, such as steel. However, it is now coming back in fashion according to those in the know. They claim it is currently used for an array of accessories, such as lighting, furniture, fabrics and wall coverings.

However it is claimed that the gold used for today's interiors are somewhat subdued. Mary Beth Breckenridge, writing for this week, said: "This isn't some ornate casbah look or a return to staid Colonial style, however. Today's gold metals are soft and subdued, often with the complex look of handcrafting."

Colour expert Dotty Horn was also cited in the article as claiming that the use of gold in interiors in linked to the economic recovery as it is a sign of optimism. Ms Horn claimed that the use of rose gold is particularly popular at the moment, as it provides a "pinkish hue" and doesn't have the "hardness and rustiness" of copper.

Those who are shy about using lots of gold in heir interiors are advised to try small accents of the metal. This could be using gold pulls on bathroom cabinets or opting for cushions which are made from gold threads in living rooms, according to

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