Be careful when choosing paint colour, design expert says

An award-winning design expert has warned that choosing the wrong paint colour and pushing furniture against the wall are just some of the design don'ts that homeowners should avoid.

Writing for, Judith Taylor notes that paint colour is extremely important to the whole room and so homeowners shouldn't settle with a colour that looks "good enough".

"Paint colour makes or breaks the look of a room," she argues. "If it's poorly matched, the result will be weak at best. It takes experience and a trained eye to correctly read undertones. Consult a pro on this one to set your results ahead of the crowd."

She also says that pushing furniture up against the wall is a big no-no. Homeowners can create a much more interesting space if they allow their furniture to have some room - instead of trying to cram a lot of pieces in.

Fellow designer Scott Dresner agrees with this sentiment. He notes that when it comes to kitchen design, appliances shouldn't be placed next to each other; instead there should be some worktop space in between the oven, sink and fridge, reports

Another design faux pas according to Ms Taylor is sacrificing on light fitting design just to save some money. She says a big statement lighting piece can really bring a room to life and homeowners need to realise how important such a fitting is.

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