Changing kitchen worktops is 'simple way to make an impact'

With Christmas approaching, many people might be looking at their kitchens in despair, wondering how they are going to accommodate the extended family and carry out so much additional catering.

It's little wonder, therefore, that so many people pick Christmas as a deadline for revamping their kitchens - giving them something brand new to show off over the festive period, too.

According to, there are several steps your can take for quick and easy kitchen remodelling. The first, says the paper, is to think about changing the kitchen worktops.

Arguably, the worktops are the feature in any kitchen that make the most impact; they are the element that is immediately noticeable  - we know this as many poor worktops have served to put potential buyers off a new home. Replacing them with a different material can make a huge difference. Of all the options available, the paper continues, 'granite is the most popular'.

Another quick and clever idea is to spruce up the kitchen cabinets. It's easy to re-finish wooden doors and drawers or replace the handles. Brave homeowners might like to paint the cupboards in bright, bold colours for a totally new look.

For complete ease, suggests a simple paint job in neutral colours, with 'playful splashes of red to add a bit of spice to the kitchen'. These accents can then be changed as and when desired.

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