How much storage space do you need in your bathroom?

The bathroom can be a sanctuary for men and women. In the same way Clark Kent enters a phone booth and comes out as Superman, the bathroom is our safe haven where we can enter a dishevelled mess but exit a radiant, gorgeous version of ourselves.

Despite its importance, the bathroom can very often be the smallest room in the house. The challenge of 'space' can often be a big barrier for households with more than one or two inhabitants and the sheer amount of items and objects deemed essential can often make the bathroom more cramped and claustrophobic than usual.

On the other hand, some of these items are wholly necessary and a bathroom visit without essentials like mascara, cotton buds, medicines, shampoo bottles and towels simply makes for an inadequate lavatory experience.

How do you find an acceptable middle ground, though?

Figure out your routine

The issue of space can generally be solved by working out your morning or evening routine. For houses with multiple occupants, the morning can be the busiest time of day and in order to keep a smooth operation going, it's worth keeping all of your essentials - toothbrush, shower gel, shampoo and razor, for instance - within grabbing distance. If you have to leave the bathroom to collect some toiletries, there is every opportunity some opportunistic housemate will slink into the bathroom, shattering your morning routine into a thousand pieces.

With three, four or five people using the bathroom on a regular basis, space can be at a premium even with the bare essentials in the room. How do you fit everything in and keep it from getting cluttered?

Create a solution

Simple canvas storage containers from Ikea can minimise the problem of multiple bottles and ensure the bathroom remains clean and tidy even with many users. If your bathroom doesn't have any shelves, you can create a lot of storage by hanging a shoe organiser on the back of the bathroom door as a make-shift shelf.

An under-sink solution could be another way forward. With this pull-out storage caddy, you no longer have to store bottles and brushes on the sink worktop but underneath, safely secured. Divided drawers can also help keep smaller items, like lipstick and scissors, organised.

Overall, the amount of storage space you need in your bathroom directly correlates with the number of people who need to use it on a regular basis. If there isn't enough space on offer, there are plenty of clever tricks you can employ in order to manufacture some storage space for your bathroom essentials and turn from a mere reporter for the Daily Planet into a true superhero.

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