Some of our frequently asked questions

How do I choose a kitchen worktop?

There is a number of factors to bear in mind when choosing a kitchen worktop. Appearance and aesthetics will score highly on your list but buyers should also think about practicality and durability: is it heat-resistant? Is it easy to clean? Will the surface scratch when impacted by kitchen utensils? Consider how you operate in the kitchen and if you're still unsure, we can advise further on choosing the right kitchen worktop for your needs.

What types of kitchen worktop do you offer?

We specialise in granite kitchen worktops and quartz kitchen worktops. Our granite and quartz materials are available in a range of colours and all are exhibited on our website.

How do I get a quote?

We want to make the quotation process as easy as possible for customers. You can obtain a quote online, by email or in person at our showroom. For more information on obtaining a quote, please see our quotation section.
We'll generally ask for some personal details, your stone choice, size of stone and other specialised needs such the addition of rounded corners, drilled holes, drainer grooves, sink cutouts.

I have finalised my quote - now what?

You'll need to book a date with us so a professional templater can make a pattern of your work tops. Once the template is complete, our expert will talk you through the proposed layout of the worktop, outlining measurements and specifications.

Do you outsource the cutting of stone?

All work is done in our factory. Our in-house experts will cut and fabricate your stone to your exact specification using our state-of-the-art machinery. We will also cut bowls, tap holes, draining grooves and more into the stone if requested. Finally, our head mason quality checks every piece of stone cut in our workshop and gives a seal of approval. Once approved, a coat of sealant is applied and the stone is stacked in our loading bay, ready to be delivered by our fitters.
We aim to fabricate your new worktops within five working days, though we will advise further for special-edged worktops or if the material isn't readily available.

Do I need to book an installation date?

We will be in contact with you after the fabrication process to book an installation date. Installation generally takes between 2-4 hours depends on the size of the worktop. Once fitted, we advise waiting a few days for the sealant to dry before using your new worktop. For more information on installation, please visit our dedicated installation page.

Do I need to maintain the stone after installation?

We recommend monthly cleaning of the stone to keep the material in exceptional condition. We recommend applying HANAFINN Rejuvenata in conjunction with a Micro fibre cloth or paper towel. You should also dust the surface regularly to keep the worktop free of grit and dirt. Bleach or antibacterial agents should not be used as they can cause the sealant to break down.