Why choose a Lapitec kitchen?

The hefty size of Lapitec’s slabs (150 x 340cm, in a thickness of 12, 20 or 30mm) means that you are better able to surface your whole kitchen with the same or similar pieces of stone, leading to a satisfying and aesthetically pleasing look; in terms of both the shade and the grain of the stone itself.
Lapitec® is a unique form of sintered stone, that is, a proprietary combination of carefully selected ceramic materials, blended together under extreme heat and pressure. Lapitec® has been designed specifically to offer a wide range of practical, desirable traits to those looking for a new kitchen surface for their home, while also providing an exciting and diverse range of colours and textures. 
Lapitec®’s range of kitchen suitable surfaces are split into four separate collections, each of which has a particular aesthetic focus. 

Vesuvio Collection

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Available in a range of natural, volcanically styled colours and grains, the Vesuvio collection has been aptly named. Featuring natural anti-slip properties, as well as Lapitec®’s customary resistance to bacteria and dirt, the Vesuvio collection is ideal for use in particularly busy kitchens.

Fossil Collection

    • lapitech fossil range
The Fossil collection is sandblasted during production, resulting in softer, mellow colouring. Ideal for more rustic, traditionally themed kitchens.

Satin Collection

    • lapitech satin range
The Satin collection’s evocative name comes as a result of its soft, smooth finished colouration, as well as it’s extremely subtly coarse, almost smooth feeling surface. A stylish and luxuriant addition to any kitchen.

Lux Collection

    • lapitech lux range
Lux is Latin for ‘light’, making it a particularly apt moniker for this range of highly polished, mirrored surfaces. An ideal choice for modern, brightly decorated kitchens.

Practical, long-lasting and hygienic

The construction of Lapitec® sintered stone kitchen surfaces is such that it delivers both style and high performance. After all, what good is a bright, exciting kitchen worktop, if it is damaged or stained in the first month after installation? When you buy a Lapitec® surface, you are buying longevity and resistance, something which other kitchen surfaces are often unable to offer to the same degree. 
Acidity, for example, has historically been an Achilles Heel of other stone or porcelain kitchen surfaces on the market.  Everyday kitchen spills like fruit juice or vinegar can cause damage over time to unprotected natural stone or ceramic surfaces; staining or eroding if the spill is not dealt with fast enough, or is repeated multiple times. The unique construction of Lapitec® surfaces provides resistance to not only acid, but also bases, so your kitchen surface will survive any variety of everyday spill unscathed.
But that’s not the only boon that the unique makeup and construction of Lapitec® surfaces provide. Lapitec® is also resistant to frost, impact, compression, abrasion and UV light, and is entirely non-flammable. In essence, Lapitec® will pass the test of time. Being as hard-wearing as this is definitely a positive attribute in what will probably be one of the most frequently used surfaces in your home, but natural stone and ceramic have traditionally been a pain to clean; with tiny pores in the surface providing bacteria and mould with a place to hide and propagate. This is also not the case with Lapitec® surfaces, being pore free, they are both more hygienic and easier to clean than other comparable alternatives.
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The range of Lapitec® offered by us at County Stone also features cutting edge Bio-Care technology; a technology specifically designed to breakdown and allow for the easy washing away of atmospheric impurities and bacteria. This particular property is provided by Titanium dioxide, which is impregnated into Lapitec® during production, and quickly oxidises and neutralises problematic particles.

Green construction

Lapitec® handle the research and development, as well as the design, of their stone products, while their manufacturing partners, Breton S.p.A, handle the physical creation of the Lapitec® slabs. Lapitec® take a great deal of pride in the fact that its surfaces are created in a green manner; no petroleum based products are used at any stage, and the finished product is completely inert, so it releases no substances, whether dangerous or otherwise, into the environment. Lapitec® is also very easy to efficiently recycle.

Available now!

So, what are you waiting for? Browse through Lapitec®’s range of high quality kitchen surfaces today, and lend your kitchen an unbeatable level of practical style. Lapitec® is an investment in elegance, which pays dividends by staying clean and blemish free, with minimal care. 
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