Offcuts are surplus granite and quartz that has been left over after cutting into whole slabs for a customer’s kitchen worktop. Due to the sheer variety of shapes and sizes of worktops and surfaces that we create for customers, it’s really no surprise that, at any given time, we have a large amount of granite offcuts in stock.

Same quality, different medium

Granite worktop offcuts offer customers the easy maintenance and hard wearing quality that customers expect from County Stone Granite, but in a more versatile, easily utilised medium. Indeed, all that is required to make effective use of granite offcuts is a higher degree of planning than with our made to measure worktops; it will be up to the customer to calculate exactly what you need to complete your planned project.

The maximum size that you should expect a granite worktop offcut to be is ultimately limited by practical considerations. The primary consideration is that offcuts are small by their very nature; larger slabs of granite will simply be reused by us when fulfilling customer orders! We are ready and able to shape offcuts for customers to whatever dimensions required.

Versatile Stone

Stone offcuts are exceptionally versatile, allowing discerning craftsmen to add an element of low maintenance, visually appealing granite quality to their latest project. As such a hard-wearing, luxurious material, County Stone Granite offcuts are well worth taking the time and expense to select and have shaped to your desired design.

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