Some of our frequently asked questions

How do I choose the right stone fireplace?

We're on hand to advise you on the best look, fit and style for your fireplace. We offer hand-made fireplaces created from the finest limestone while the darkness of our granite and slate hearths complements any style. Whether you're looking to touch up an existing room or add a fireplace as part of a complete design overhaul, we're on hand to advise.

Why do you use granite/limestone/slate?

We use limestone as the stone is soft enough to work with but features a strength that can ensure your fireplace lasts for years and years. If you have a particular preference of limestone, we can source the stone from all over the world, tailoring to your exact specifications.
Granite is a durable material that makes it ideal for gas and electric fires while the matt finish of our slate offers a gorgeous look to your fireplace. All materials are sourced from recommended suppliers.

How do the materials handle heat?

Limestone, granite and slate are fire-resistant materials. This means that if a spark or flame were to catch the stone, the material would not catch fire. However the stone does get hot when the fireplace is operational so touch with caution until the fireplace's heat dies down.

I need the stone to be cut to x - is this possible?

We use state of the art machinery to precision cut the stone - whether that's limestone, granite and/or slate - to your tailored specifications. Our in-house stonemasons and installers will then inspect and install your fireplace in a way that meets your high expectations.

Will my stone be quality checked?

All of our fabricated stones for worktops and fireplaces are checked by our head mason for quality.
We also seal all our limestone fireplaces with LTP, a natural sealer that enhances the colour and texture of your limestone fireplace. LTP also helps protect against staining from water, oil and grease. Furthermore all of our slate hearths are pre-oiled before delivery.

Will you contact me regarding installation?

As soon as your fireplace has been templated and fabricated, your fireplace is ready for installation. We'll book a date giving you a morning or afternoon time slot, allowing our professional fitting team ther opportunity to fit your brand new fireplace. For more information on the installation process, please see our dedicated installation page.