The durability of granite is exceptional; it is able to withstand extreme heat while maintaining a polished lustre, and uniform texture for which it is so rightly praised. Granite’s superb resistance to heat and weathering ensure that it holds its colour, no matter how long it has been in service. While being durable, granite is also easy for our master craftsmen to cut and re-join, meaning that they are also ideal for use as hearths for wood-burning stoves and real, solid fuel fires.

At County Stone Granite, we go the extra mile to ensure the quality of the hearths; which is why we utilise only the highest quality granite in our projects. The granite that we utilise is sourced from a series of specially selected overseas quarries; which allows us to be exceptionally confident with the quality of our products, as well as allowing us to offer the most competitive of prices.


Quotation and Templating

Of course, before anything else can be done, it’s important to ensure that you know the rough dimensions of the hearth that you are requesting, and that granite is the ideal material, in terms of both aesthetics and physical attributes, for your ideal fireplace. For those who are unsure, or still on the fence, a visit to our showroom, located in West Sussex should clear things up.

Once you have determined the precise variety and size of hearth that you feel would best complement your home, we can quote you for the cost of both construction and installation. Once you’ve responded to our offer, we can get started on templating the hearth. In essence, this process involves us getting precise measurements from the room in which the fireplace will be installed, so that the hearth we construct is the best possible fit, delivering the practical and aesthetic excellence that we are famed for.


Now that the template is complete we can begin fabricating the granite hearth itself. The details of the template inform us of the size of the granite stone slab that we’ll require to best create your ideal hearth, as well as the tools that we’ll need to use to fully realise the agreed upon design. Our exceptionally skilled stonemasons, who for the last 10 years have been members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen, will then get the granite hearth cut to size and bring the design to life.


When your new granite hearth is complete, and our head masons are fully satisfied with its quality, it’s time for installation. Now all that needs to be done is to inform our experienced and helpful installation team which date and time are best for you. Once confirmed, they will quickly and efficiently install your new granite hearth in the place that you intended.

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