Limestone is pliable enough to work with, but is also extremely durable; there’s a reason that limestone has been such a frequently used building and masonry material for centuries. A sedimentary rock formed through precipitation in warm, shallow seas and often containing marine fossils, Limestone is mainly composed of calcite. We purchase only the finest limestone, quality checking each slab as they arrive into the yard. We can source limestone from all over the world giving you a varied and interesting choice for your limestone fireplaces.

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Quotation and Templating

Once you have decided the dimensions and design of your limestone fireplace, we’ll be able to provide you with a quote. When approved, we’ll then move onto the measurement and template phase of your limestone fireplace’s creation. This stage consists of us measuring the area in which you want the fireplace installed in order to create a detailed template of your ideal design. This will generally necessitate a visit to the location that you wish the fireplace to be installed in, to provide you with the perfect fit and design.


The detailed template that we create in the previous stage is then utilised to create your limestone fireplace. Limestone fireplaces are cut and carved on site at County Stone Granite by our skilled stonemasons. Our masons and craftsmen have been members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen for the last 10 years, so you can be assured that we have the skill to wet cut and finely craft your bespoke limestone fireplaces, to your exacting specification.


Once quality checked by our head mason, your new fireplace is ready to for installation! Our installation team will book a morning or afternoon time slot, on a date most convenient for you, in order to deliver and install your bespoke limestone fireplace.

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