In order to ensure that your hearth best matches your specification, and best suits the surrounding masonry or furnishings, we offer slate in a number of different finishes: a matt finish provides a more traditional, neutral effect; while a rivened finish gives a slate hearth a more unusual, waxy look. All of our slate hearths are pre-oiled before delivery or collection, to ensure long-lasting quality.

The particular style of a slate hearth is decided by the variety of hearth for which it is intended, that is, whether it comes as a single slab or three separate parts. A single slab is ideal for gas hearths, while a three section hearth is far better suited to the burning of solid fuels, as this design allows for the slate to expand and contract when heated.


Quotation and Templating

Before you contact us, it’s worth getting an idea of exactly what dimensions you require, and ensuring that slate is the right hearth material for you; you’re welcome to visit our yard to see our Italian slate in person, so you can be sure that it’s the right fit for your home.

Once you’ve decided on the exact specification of your idea slate fireplace and generate a quote for you. If it’s to your liking, we’ll move onto templating your hearth. Templating requires us to have access to the room in which you would like the fireplace to be installed, in order to allow us to best measure for and plan the installation; this way we can ensure that you get the perfect slate hearth design.


The template produced at the previous stage in the ordering process allows us to begin the creation of your slate hearth; the template informs exactly what size slab/slabs of slate that we’ll need to utilise, as well as the tools we’ll need to use to achieve the finished result that you have requested, and that we’re happy with. Our stonemasons are highly trained; and have been members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen for 10 years; the combination of their ability, and the fact that we only use the highest quality materials, ensure that the finished product is never short of exceptional.


Once the exacting standards of our head masons have been satisfied, your new slate hearth is ready to be installed in the location that you’ve earmarked; all that remains is for our skilled installation team to pop round and make your ideal room design a reality. Simply book in the timeslot and date that suit you best and you’re set!

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