Thanks to its synthetic construction, as well as its synthetic pigments and resin additives, Arenastone Quartz is a non-porous material. This means that it is extremely difficult, or even impossible, for bacteria, mould or any other unwelcome invader to penetrate an Arenastone surface; if something is spilt, it simply needs to be wiped clean.

Arenastone is resistant to all standard wear tear; such as staining and scratching, and requires no additional polishing, sealing, or conditioning.

Below, we have included samples of our full range of Arenastone colours; so you can see the aesthetic, as well as practical, difference that Arenastone Quartz can make to both your kitchen and daily routine.

Cream Quartz

    • cream arenastone colours long

For rooms that need a more homely, warm colouring, cream coloured Arenastone Quartz surfaces are exactly what you’re looking for. Bringing to mind sandy beaches and tranquil deserts, Cream coloured fixtures and furnishings add a smooth, soothing quality.

  • Asti Bianco
  • Bruno Croco
  • Crema Avena
  • Crema Osso
  • Crema Pepe
  • Crema Pietra
  • Crema Soave
  • Crema Stelline
  • Crema Venato
  • Soave Madreperla

White Quartz

    • white arenastone colours long

Arenastone offers a comprehensive range of clean white shades and patterns, which promote a feeling of clean, cool purity. Ideal for making a room feel spacious and open.

  • Bianco Elegante
  • Bianco Puro
  • Bianco Stelline
  • Grigio Venato

Brown Quartz

    • brown arenastone colours long

Brown Arenastone Quartz surfaces make a room feel cosy and insulated; projecting a natural, warming vibe. Inherently calming and intimate, these designs are perfect for rooms utilised for quiet contemplation, or leisurely activity.

  • Bruno Sasso
  • Bruno Stelline
  • Grigio Mystico
  • Verde Militare

Grey Quartz

    • grey arenastone colours long

Sharp, cold and precise, a grey Arenastone colour scheme makes a bold statement. The designs below are perfect for functional rooms, bringing an air of focus and efficiency. Perfect for spaces that currently lack a solid, strong sense of style.

  • Grigio Platino
  • Grigio Serena
  • Grigio Stelline
  • Nero Ebano
  • Nero Mystico
  • Nero Stelline
  • Nonna Mystico
  • Nero Stelline
  • Nonna Mystico

Blue & Red Quartz

    • blue red arenastone colours long

A relaxing, serene colour, blue shades of Arenastone Quartz surfaces are perfect for bathrooms and shower rooms. The designs below also provide a productive, focussed feeling; perfect as a work surface or an office fitting.

More warming than even brown, red shades of Arenastone Quartz surfaces provide a sensation of both intensity and heat. The below design is ideal for rooms that will be prone to lots of activity; and is therefore perfect for busy, passion filled kitchens.

  • Blu Stelline
  • Cielo Stelline
  • Roso Stelline

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