As each movement and grain in the rock is never the same, it is a truly unique stone that can give a room a burst of dark colour. In addition the worktop is very durable and easy to care for, ensuring maintenance is a breeze. Black granite's smooth, dense structure ensures bacteria growth has few opportunities to grow, making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Below you can find out more about some of the black granite options County Stone offer:

Alexander Black

    • alexander black granite long

A cost-effective type of granite, Alexander Black originates in India and blends a jet black colour with swathes of dark grey patches, ensuring each slab is unique to each buyer.

Angolan Black

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Originating from quarries in Angola, Angolan Black granite is the perfect option for customers looking for a dark black worktop but with various patterns and smears, offering a timeless contemporary look for both kitchens and bathrooms.

Blues In The Night

    • blues in the night long

Blues In The Night granite offers small pearls of deep neon blue in amongst a fine-grained dark stone. The stone's reflective quality also picks up accent colours in the room, making it a luxurious, elegant stone for your home.

Bon Accord

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As a classic form of granite, Bon Accord can be found in many kitchen studios and bathrooms across the UK. Black and grey speckles are a key feature in this sophisticated granite that suits a range of décors. 

Cosmic Black

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Beautiful streaks of white, gold and silver turn this form of granite into a swirling cosmos. Quarried in Brazil, Cosmic Black works well with country kitchens but its shimmering style makes it ideal for most applications.

Emerald Black

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For a dark (but not completely black granite), Emerald Black is a good option. Hints of green deliver an emerald sheen, breaking up the stone's dark background, making them ideal for areas with strong lights.

Indian Black

    • indian black granite long

Indian Black granite offers a jet black finish to countertops, making them the perfect partner to high-gloss white goods. Featuring a clean rich colour, Indian Black can give a room extra light due to its reflective finish.

Indian Black Pearl

    • indian black pearl granite long

With a dark, elegant appearance, Indian Black Pearl treats audiences with traces of silver, blue, green and grey. It's one of the most popular granites on the market and works especially well with metallic and block colours.

Nero Cosmos

    • nero cosmos granite long

With silver speckles across each slab, Nero Cosmos looks like a twinkling night sky. This granite offers a modern appearance to worktops especially when paired with stainless steel appliances.

Nero Marinace

    • nero marinace granite long

As one of the most striking forms of granite, Nero Marinace is a true visual feast. The granite holds a mixture of black, grey and white pebbles together, looking akin to a dark stony beach. It's a very busy granite that changes significantly from slab to slab.

Star Galaxy

    • star galaxy granite long

Star Galaxy is an extremely popular granite due to its glamourous finish. Tiny flecks of silver, copper and gold in the stone make the worktop look like a bright galaxy and it works very well with spot lights in bathrooms and kitchens.

Tropical Black

    • tropical black granite long

Similar in appearance to Cosmic Black, this form of granite features streaks of silver and grey but mixed with warm orange, red and pink crystals, giving Tropical Black granite an exotic sunset finish.


    • zimbabwe black granite long

Zimbabwe granite is an incredibly hard, durable stone with a fine grain and an intense black colour, broken up by slight dots of grey. Ideal for tables, sinks, kitchen tops and shower bases, Zimbabwe granite is suitable for a range of applications to suit most customer needs.

The perfect black granite stone to compliment any design

As black granite's colours can vary significantly, consumers have a number of different design options available to them. For instance, a black and white design scheme in the bathroom is a classic style - black counter, white sink, black and white tiled floor - or if traditional black and white doesn't work, there are secondary colours like grey and bronze that can work well with black granite.

We can help you with all style queries, as well as advise on which black granite worktop is the best for your home. With our state-of-the-art machinery enabling us to cut black granite to your precise specifications, we can guide you every step of the way to ensure you get the best granite worktop for your home.

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