Why choose a Lundhs worktop?

Using quarrying traditions that have been perfected over the course of centuries, Lundhs stone surfaces are made from natural minerals of the highest quality, ensuring that minimal maintenance is necessary.

Furthermore, the unique construction of Lundhs natural stone surfaces makes them both heat resistant and almost completely non-porous. This means that hot dishes, pots, and pans can be placed directly onto a Lundhs surface, without any ill effect. Similarly, any spills onto a can be easily and hygienically cleaned up without worrying about permanent damage or contamination; which is always a worry with more porous materials.

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To complement the already exceptional quality of their surfaces; Lundhs also offers provision for a selection of different finishes on its surfaces. Customers who opt for the polished finish will have  the brightness and sparkle of their choice of stone accentuated, while a silk finish lends a more understated, subtle matte effect; trusting the high quality natural colour and patterning of the stone to speak for itself.

Environmental responsibility and efficiency are the bywords when it comes to Lundhs’ quarries, of which there are 15 in total. All are situated as close to the sea as possible, to minimise transport costs and pollution, while a great deal of effort is expended to minimise the escape of harmful by-products, and keep sound pollution to a minimum.

For the latest in Scandinavian style and practical quality, look no further than Lundhs; browse the full Lundhs natural stone surface range today.

Lundhs Royal®

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Lundhs Royal® differentiates itself from other kitchen work surfaces with its proprietary blend of large feldspar crystals and soothing blue shades. The beautiful, clean effect provided by this design is ideally suited for minimalistic modern designs, ably assisting in promoting an airy, relaxed feeling in the spaces which they’re installed in.

Lundhs Blue®

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A richer blue than that provided by Lundhs Royal®, this particular stone is more evocative of pristine ocean depths, and opulent sapphire. The dark background of this stone forms an aesthetically alluring contrast with the comparatively lighter feldspar crystals in the foreground; creating a brilliant blue glow.

Lundhs Emerald®

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Lundhs Emerald is at its most beautiful when exposed to bright light, which transforms the usually dark and sophisticated looking stone into something altogether more vibrant; with illumination bringing out stunning silver and blue highlights from within the depths of the mineral.

Lundhs Antique®

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Featuring a warmer colouration than many of the other natural stone surfaces that Lundhs manufacture, Lundhs Antique is ideal for those looking for a more traditional kitchen design, with a  hint of modern flair. A generous sprinkling of blue crystals amongst the dark brown adds an exciting second dimension to this design.

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