For customers with exact specifications in mind, our state-of-the-art machinery can precision cut any form of granite to meet tailored needs. Furthermore, our skilled fabricators and installers will guide you through every step of the cutting and installation process to ensure you get the best granite slab you desire. 

Grey Granite

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Usually formed as offshoots from black granite slab, grey has the ability to make a room feel modern and sleek. It's not too overbearing and is an ideal compliment to other colours rather than a main focal point. Angolan Silver, Galaxy Grey, Steel Grey and Via Lactea are just a handful of some of the gorgeous grey granite slabs we stock.

Brown, Red and Pink Granites

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Streaks of red, brown and pink crystals in granite is striking to the eye and ultimately delivers a romantic feel to your countertops. With Lady Dream, Dakota Mahogany and Coral Brown all proving to be cost-effective, eye-catching types of granite, a brown/red/pink granite countertop is certainly popular with customers looking to spice up their home.

Yellow, Gold and Cream Granites

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As a warm, endearing palette, these colours have the potential to brighten up any kitchen or bathroom. Gold tends to be associated with rich and luxurious styles so Coral Gold, Giallo Santa Sicillia, Kashmir Gold or Solarius could be the perfect types of granite to make your countertops as exquisite as possible.

Blue Granite

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Generally seen as a tint amongst white or black granite, blue granite offers an exotic twist on popular granite styles. One of the most striking types is Volga Blue; a patterned black granite with neon blue pearls dotted amongst the slab. Butterfly Blue and Vizac Blue also contains touches of blue across the stone, making for a subtle yet daring aesthetic for your countertop.

Green Granite

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Ranging from subtle shades to strong swathes of colour, green granite comes in a range of patterns and styles. Hints and touches of green can be found in Emerald Pearl while Peacock Green is a striking, exotic granite that can change a room completely. You may want to look at Namibia Green, Costa Smerelda and Verde Magic as alternatives as each pattern differs significantly.

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