Why choose a Samsung worktop?

We stock a comprehensive range of Samsung RadianzTM quartz worktops here at County Stone & Granite; if you want your quality worktop to be a conversation piece, then the attractive designs of the Samsung Radianz® range are for you.

Due to being sealed, Samsung RadianzTM is non-porous, ensuring that it remains resistant to stains and bacteria, making it effortlessly hygienic.

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What’s more, Samsung RadianzTM is not only great for you, and your home, but great for the planet as well; quartz is a plentiful material worldwide, so the purchase of a quartz surface will not deplete the planet of a precious resource.

Available in a wide selection of fresh and exciting designs, Samsung RadianzTM offers something for everyone and can be fashioned into a wide range of shapes and sizes, depending on the dimensions of its destination.

Versatile, durable and well-designed, browse the full Samsung RadianzTM range today!

Express Line

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The Express Line consists of 12 natural colours, so you’re sure to find one that will blend in with your kitchen’s colour scheme. Designs like the simple Maui Black or Everest White are ideal if you just want a quartz worktop that’s minimalistic, but more decorative colours such as Antigua Beach and Mont Blanc Snow will really stand out. Whatever you’re hoping to achieve with your kitchen or bathroom design, the Express Line will make it possible.

Noble Collection

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Featuring embedded metallic quartz for a luxurious extra level of shine, the Noble Collection will add dimension and depth to any area of your home. Available in a variety of colours, the flecks of orange, blue and gold found in the stone glitter in the sunlight, catching the eye of you and your guests.  If you’re looking for a worktop that’s a little bit different and feel ever so elegant, look no further than the Noble Collection. 

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