Silestone quartz is a blend of 94% natural quartz and 6% synthetic materials. One of the advantages that Silestone has over other quartz surfacing products that we have in stock is its integrated bacteriostatic protection. The unique bacteriostatic formula utilised by Silestone is based on the usage of silver ions, preventing bacteria from building up on Silestone worktops.

If you want a stylish, highly durable kitchen surface, be sure to browse the wide selection of Silestone colours and designs that we offer below.

White Silestone Quartz

    • white silestone sample thumb
For a surface that will fit aesthetically with virtually all interior designs, while also giving connotations of pure sterility; a soothing, neutral white Silestone quartz surface is exactly what you need. These designs really open up the design of a room.

Black Silestone Quartz

    • black silestone sample thumb

A powerful, stylish choice of colour, a Black Silestone Quartz surface will definitely make a strong statement. Able to complement or contrast with a large range of the colour spectrum, a Black surface will fit in with almost any existing interior design.

Cream Silestone Quartz

    • cream silestone sample thumb

Another soothing shade of the spectrum, choosing a Silestone Cream Quartz surface adds a warm, contemplative feel to a room, and is easily complemented by other warm colours.

Brown Silestone Quartz

    • brown silestone sample thumb

As a warming and sophisticated colour, adding a Brown Silestone Quartz surface to a space is great for adding a chilled out, meditative feel.

Grey Silestone Quartz

    • grey silestone sample thumb

A cold, focussed Grey Quartz Silestone surface could be just what a room needs. Grey colours add an air of precision and efficiency to a space; making them ideal for studies or busy kitchens.

Blue, Red and Green Silestone Quartz

    • red green blue silestone sample thumb

A blue Silestone surface brings a relaxed serenity to the space in which they are installed. Bringing to mind clear skies and pristine waters, blues are ideal for bathrooms and conservatories. An exciting and passionate Red Silestone surface can liven up a sedate room, or be used to contrast against the darker, colder colours that are already present. Green, as a relaxing, natural colour that promotes calm and harmonious feelings, makes this colour of Silestone ideal for a room which you use to unwind.

The perfect Silestone service to compliment any design

As with all of our quartz surfacing products, we can guarantee the long-lasting durability of Silestone quartz. Silestone quartz is stain, acidity, scratch and impact resistant, so no matter what you throw at it, you can be assured that it is more than up to the task. Silestone share our confidence in their wares, and offer a full 10 year transferable warranty on their high quality quartz surfaces.

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