There's a number of benefits to using granite as a countertop. Not only is the stone available in a variety of styles, every slab is completely unique; there's no two identical pieces of granite in the world. Furthermore, granite can stand large levels of heat and is resilient to scratches, making them ideal worktops.

County Stone's white granite range includes:

Ambrosia White

    • ambrosia white granite long

With a white base colour, this granite is overlapped with shades of grey. Flecked with burgundy and deep purple crystals, Ambrosia white granite originates from India and tends to have a veined pattern.

Andromeda White

    • andromeda white granite long

Originating from Sri Lanka, this granite has a swirly appearance with flashes of purple running through it. The unusual design is similar to Ambrosia White, with some subtle differences.

Bethel White

    • bethel white long

Considered to be one of the most prized white granites in the world, it was used to build Union Station in Washington, D.C. as well as the National Museum of Natural History. Consequently, this smooth white granite with uniform flecks is now incredibly sought-after.

Bianco Antique

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This white-based granite has veins of brown, grey and black that flow unevenly and are stippled with tiny crystals. This Brazilian granite is one of the lightest choices on the market and an ideal choice if you want a white worktop.

Bianco Crystal

    • bianco crystal granite long

Available from Canada, India or Egypt, Bianco Crystal is very similar to the Antique granite. The white base is marred with veins of black and grey, having several crystals that add a unique sparkle to the finished product. A luxurious choice of granite for worktops.

Bianco Sardo

    • bianco sardo granite long

This light granite is mottled with black, grey and white flecks. Originating from Italy, it is a versatile option that can easily lighten a room, without drawing too much attention. A common choice for kitchen worktops, Bianco Sardo is a subtle yet chic option.

Colonial White

    • colonial white granite long

Coming from India, this white granite is a very light stone. While it's rare, there can be some veining in it, with flecks of black running through the granite. There are subtle hints of grey in it, but it doesn't have the peachy tones of the Delicatus, making it a plainer stone.

Dilactus (Delicatus)

    • delicatus granite long

Coming from Brazil, this granite has black, white and grey tones, as well as gold flecks running through it. Some have more shades of taupe or peach, rather than the gold so it is quite a varied stone, allowing exactly the right shade of tones to be chosen, dependent on personal preference.


    • lennon granite long

This granite is mined from Brazil and has several veins running through the white base. Black, grey and even maroon colours are flecked and ribboned in the main body of the granite, giving quite a dense, darker finish, ideal for worktops or even to use on walls and floors.

River White

    • river white granite long

With a white base, this light granite has darker hints of greys and blacks rippling through it. Flecks of red can be seen, while the finish looks almost like a flowing river, hence the name. The simple, chic design makes it a popular choice for kitchen worktops, but also for flooring and vanity tops as well.

Rosa Beta

    • rosa beta granite long

Originating from Italy, Rosa Beta is a white based stone with heavy mottling. A range of colours are flecked through it including black, grey, peach, red and taupe, creating a busy, detailed finish. The detail in this stone makes it ideal for use in smaller areas, rather than over very large surfaces like flooring.

Silvestre GT

    • silvestre gt granite long

A darker, white-based stone, this granite originates from Brazil. With ribbons of black running through it, there are also flecks of grey and raspberry, creating a stunning contrast of colours. It's slightly darker than the other white granites in the range so is perfect for a lighter coloured room.

Topazio White

    • topazio white granite long

Mined in Brazil and China, this white granite has plenty of colours in it. Cream and grey shades run through it, while brown flecks can be seen that offer a little warmth to the stone. The hard wearing stone is suitable for outdoor use as well as being a great option for any room inside the house.

The perfect white granite stone to compliment any design

White generally matches with a lot of colours but it's often at its best when trying to open up a room. White can make small spaces seem much larger but it can also deliver a measure of elegance to a room. Wood (light oaks or golden browns) often pairs well with white countertops.

Drytreat - a sealant used on all of our granite worktops - helps seal all our products, enabling us to offer a guarantee of fifteen years to give our customers piece of mind. With the ability to cut any granite to an exact specification (thanks to our latest state of the art machinery), we can deliver tailored, customisable granite tops for your kitchen. Our skilled fabricators and installers will guide you through every step of the process to ensure you get the granite worktop you desire.

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