5 ways to make your bathroom beautiful with stone

Stone is an amazingly versatile material, capable of transforming any space. Nowhere in a home can stone be used in so many different characteristic ways than the bathroom, and we’d like to share with you some of the ways you can make your bathroom shine with stone.

Stone flooring

Stone tiles on the floor can bring some much-needed modernisation to any bathroom that has become a little dated or lacklustre. Not only are natural stone tiles much more durable than other floor coverings, but they’re also much more easily cleaned from any water splashes or spills.

A stone floor is most commonly seen in older, stately homes, so bring some of that classic elegance into your bathroom and make a statement. If you’re not quite ready to invest in pure stone flooring, there a number of other ways to achieve the same look, from faux-stone vinyl floor coverings and even some adhesive coverings that can be removed if you need to move out of the property.

Stone walls

Exposed brick and stone is very ‘in’ at the moment when it comes to wall trends in both bathrooms and the rest of the house. The sharp lines and rough texture juxtapose with the sleek shapes of showers, bathtubs and sinks, creating a stunning contrast.

Whether you’re looking to go completely rustic with three-dimensional exposed stone or a smoother stone feature wall, the natural look will be completely different to the regular tiles façades of a bathroom and create something truly unique with a texture that’ll catch the light in its own way.

Stone worktops

The bathroom should be a place of tranquillity before and after a busy day, offering a quiet moment to be peaceful. Clean lines and surfaces are said to promote uncluttered thought, and, with a stone worktop, you won’t want to cover it with anything.

Whether you’re looking for the strength of a granite worktop to make a statement, the unique patterns of quartz to add character to your space, or the smooth refinement of marble to create a classic look, stone worktops will provide a durable and simplistic style for your relaxation space.

If you’re looking to find a bespoke stone worktop for your bathroom, made specifically for you and your style, get in touch with us at County Stone, and we’ll be happy to create something special.

Stone sinks

There’s nothing more luxurious than washing your hands in a beautifully crafted stone sink, which is perched on top of your worktop like a piece of art instead of a functional piece of plumbing.


Whether you’re looking for something simply elegant, like a marble centrepiece sink, or a more rugged river rock style sink, each can become a sink that fits your bathroom style and provides a statement piece to catch the eye.

Stone accessories

If you’re not quite ready to change something as dramatic as a wall, floor or plumbing, considering stone accessories could be a way to bring the beauty of stone into your bathroom without the price tag.

The most common material for bathroom accessories is currently marble, with a large number of products being produced, from toothbrush holders and soap dishes to toilet brush holders and soap dispensers.

If you aren’t looking for functional stone pieces to be featured in your bathroom, choosing a piece of stone art is a great way to bring nature into your bathroom, whether that’s through a wall installation or a sculpture of some kind on the worktop.


Looking to create a bathroom that can be a centrepiece for your home? Why not start off with a fantastic bespoke worktop to tie the space together. Simply contact us at County Stone and we can create something to your specifications that will make your bathroom beautiful.