Bathroom design question prompts university debate

A discussion on bathroom design has proved to be unexpectedly popular and led to further investigation, reports

The news provider had produced a piece praising the design of a bathroom at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which has a rich history and even has a name – Nature Calls. The themed restroom aims to recreate an outdoor scene by a secluded stream.

As such, the sound of a flowing stream and bird calls are piped into the room, with the countertops continuing this natural theme by being made to look like they are created out of pebbles.

The publication suggested Nature Calls was the coolest bathroom on campus, but was met with a number of comments from students suggesting other places. As a result, it has now asked readers which bathrooms in the wider Madison area can challenge Nature Calls.

Linda Zwicker, assistant dean at the School of Human Ecology at the university, said: “It was spontaneous and funny and creative, with nobody taking credit for it. It was about the experience – and it’s a bathroom!”

Before its revamp, the bathroom had built up a reputation for being unusual, as staff, students and visitors kept adding items to it – meaning its design would be in a constant state of evolution.

Not all homeowners will want their bathroom to be such an artistic or comical place as Nature Calls; but if they want to add a bit of colour to a drab aesthetic, an interior designer this week advised using accessories in the room.

Joanie Freedman wrote on that people can buy brightly coloured towels to add a splash of colour to their bathroom, spicing up what can otherwise be a very neutral space.