Granite and quartz stone flooring: The ideal commercial property solution

When it comes to selecting a flooring solution for your commercial space, there are several factors to consider.

Whatever sector your business belongs to – from healthcare to administration, hospitality and tourism to the retail sector – it is crucial that your choice of commercial property flooring meets the demands of your modern business environment.

Often used by high volumes of customers, stone flooring must withstand the wear and tear expected of commercial properties and their daily use, as well as being able to cope with higher influxes of customers and staff as businesses grow.

If you are considering an investment in stone flooring and are unsure of the benefits of granite and quartz, we can help. We’ve compiled some top tips and key considerations to explain why granite and quartz stone flooring comes out on top as the ideal commercial interior solution.

Quartz and granite floor tiles

While there are many types of stone floor tiles available, quartz and granite flooring offer a host of appealing benefits making them perfect for commercial properties:

Attractive aesthetic

Stone floor tiling is not only highly robust and durable, but it also looks visually appealing and gives a very attractive look to your commercial property.

Both granite and quartz floor tiles are available in a host of different patterns, designs and colours. With such a vast array of finishes on offer, you’re sure to find stone flooring that perfectly matches your preferences and the aesthetic and interior décor of the rest of your commercial space.


As well as looking visually appealing, granite can be coated with an anti-slip that protects people from unwanted trips and falls. This anti-slip property will not only protect your customers and visitors but also safeguard your workforce.


Known for their high density, granite and quartz are superbly durable, making them an ideal choice for floor tiling. The strength of granite tiles is likened to that of porcelain, and both granite and quartz are highly resistant to scratches and stains. These properties make granite and quartz perfect solutions for commercial flooring uses, such as in busy lobby areas, receptions, offices and kitchens, or any environment that become stained and scratched as a result of daily use.

Granite floor tiling creates a surface that is nearly 100 per cent impenetrable to liquids, making it ideal for wet rooms and other areas exposed to water. If you are considering quartz flooring, this popular material is a non-porous stone, meaning that it will not allow water or other liquids to pass through it. Like granite, quartz tiles are a perfect solution for flooring, due to their ability to withstand heavyweight and the daily wear and tear expected of a commercial environment.


If you are concerned about your flooring surface becoming stained or scratched through daily use, you do not have to worry with quartz and granite.

Quartz doesn’t scratch easily, and it is unlikely that any lasting damage could be made to quartz tiles through everyday use.

Like quartz, granite flooring is not only strong and highly resistant to stains and scratches, it will also resist fading as a result of exposure from the sun. Never losing its visual appeal and keeping its resistant properties, granite flooring is long-lasting, dependable and will stand the test of time.

Granite floor tiles: must know

Granite floor tiles are a perfect solution for interiors due to their highly durable features. However, due to the weight of the tiles, it is important to have your floor inspected by a professional to ensure it can withstand the weight of the granite tiles before they are purchased and installed.

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