Approved Fabricator for Lapitec

Last week the Director of County Stone, Jane Gibson received a certificate for being an approved fabricator for Lapitec® by Chris Athanasi from The Marble & Granite Centre Ltd.

Lapitec® specialise not just in providing discerning building firms and consumers with the highest quality of stone, but also in the largest sizes. This may sound like an unnecessary extravagance, your kitchen is only a finite size after all; but the hefty size of Lapitec’s slabs (150 x 340cm, in a thickness of 12, 20 or 30mm) means that you are better able to surface your whole kitchen with the same, or similar, pieces of stone, leading to a satisfying and aesthetically pleasing look; in terms of both the shade and the grain of the stone itself.
Lapitec® is a unique form of sintered stone, that is, a proprietary combination of carefully selected ceramic materials, blended together under extreme heat and pressure. Lapitec® has been designed specifically to offer a wide range of practical, desirable traits to those looking for a new kitchen surface for their home, while also providing an exciting and diverse range of colours and textures.
When you choose to use Lapitec® to create your kitchen worktops, you’ve chosen to give your kitchen a further layer of long-lasting quality and style. Lapitec®’s range of kitchen suitable surfaces are split into four separate collections, each of which has a particular aesthetic focus.