Is DIY losing its charm for Britons?

The falling sales experienced by high street home improvement stores have led one writer to question Britain’s love of DIY.

Writing for, Graham Ruddick suggested that where Britons once relished the thought of do-it-yourself tasks, now, the charm may be wearing off.

Back in the 1990s, television shows such as ‘Ground Force’ and ‘Changing Rooms’ encouraged Britons around the nation to get stuck in, which in turn led to rising demand for home improvement stores. However unpredictable weather and economic instability have resulted in a subsequent drop in demand, Ruddick confirmed.

Others believe that the DIY market will take a positive turn soon though, such as Credit Suisse analyst Simon Irwin. He told Ruddick that schemes like Help to Buy and Funding for Lending will help boost home sales, in turn potentially leading to a renewed interest in home improvement.

“Datapoints in UK home/DIY have started to improve this year,” Irwin claimed. “UK DIY demand has been in steady decline since 2005 and as demand recovers, we believe that the promotional climate, and margins, will recover faster than expected.”

If his comments are to be believed, high street and online retailers could look forward to a boost in sales; with Brits purchasing everything from new shelves to kitchen fittings to spruce up their home. Some home improvement tasks will be easier than others though; whilst Britons could easily hang their own shelves, installing new kitchen worktops might require the help of a professional.

Those considering calling in the experts should ensure they gather full references before saying yes to any job or handing over any money, advised.