New kettle design faces unexpected backlash

A new design of kettle has faced an unexpected backlash after it was claimed it resembled Adolf Hitler. reports that the kettle, being sold by retailer J.C. Penny has been advertised on giant billboards across America. However, people have been complaining that the advert isn’t giving the right impression.

The kettle is available exclusively at J.C. Penny stores and is a sleek, metal design. It seems that it may just have been photographed at a bad angle for the adverts.

According to, the company took to Twitter to point out the resemblance was purely coincidental saying: “If we had designed it to look like something, we would have gone with a snowman or something fun.”

The slightly unusual design appears to have been a hit with customers however, as the kettle had sold out on the retailer’s website within hours of the advert appearing on a social networking site.

A motorist posted a picture of the advert on the social networking site Reddit, apparently prompting a huge surge in sales.

The simple, metal design may work well with modern kitchens, proving to be the reason behind its popularity. Of course, it may just be down to people wanting to have the unusual kettle in their homes as a talking point after the advertising campaign.