Unique household furniture seen at Milan Furniture Fair 2013

A whole host of unique furniture was seen at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair, which ran from April 9th – 14th, according to expodatabase.com.

The fair, which takes place annually in the Italian city, featured designs from all around the globe. This year’s top picks from critics at the show include Warsaw-based Studio Rygalik, which developed a modular kitchen system made from steel frame.

The furniture is unique in that different attachments can be added to it to transform it into different objects, such as a cutting board table or a salad bowl stand. It would fit easily into most kitchen designs and could be teamed with accessories such as granite worktops and tiled flooring.

Other designers who were praised for their work at the show included British designer Lee Broom, who introduced his crystal bulb – which transforms normal light bulbs into shadow-casting ornamental light bulbs – and the Bouroullec brothers. Ronan and Erwan’s latest collection was exhibited, which was constructed from sheet metal.

Talking about their new collection, the brothers told guardian.co.uk: “We find fascination in turning a thin sheet of metal into a rigid structural piece with a single considerable punch. But even more are we fascinated by the challenge of creating domestic pleasant objects with a technology usually used for industrial.”