William Morris collection released

A William Morris collection of fabrics and and wallpapers has been released by Fabrics and Papers, according to worldinteriordesignnetwork.com.

The original prints have been adapted to create a collection that fits in with modern, 21st century living. One of Morris’ most famous designs, Strawberry Thief, is included as a wallpaper in the collection.

The original design was the result of Morris gaining inspiration from looking out the kitchen window and seeing thrushes stealing strawberries from the garden.

The up-to-date print could work as a feature wall in the modern kitchen, complete with stone flooring and granite worktops.

Linens are also a part of the collection, with digital printing techniques used to create the adaptation of some of the original designs.

Some of the other designs are thought to include Bird & Pomegranate, Pink and Rose, and Acanthus.

William Morris-themed products have seen a revival recently, with guardian-series.co.uk reporting on a photography competition that was encouraging people to capture the spirit of the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow.

The new collection boasts a large range of different designs, taking inspiration from a wide range of different prints, originally created by William Morris.

William Morris was a wallpaper and textile designer who’s designs have become famous around the world.