Modern fireplace ideas for your home

The fireplace is the heart of the home. Normally located in a living room, the fireplace is a perfect focal point for family time and social gatherings, providing a source of warmth and wellbeing.

However, if you feel like your fireplace isn’t quite living up to your home’s standards, there’s no reason why you can’t embrace some of the new, modern trends to bring some life back to the centre of your home.

Scandinavian simplicity

No other culture embraces the simplicity of clean lines and a singular focus more than Scandinavia. One of the key pieces of Scandinavian design that’s rising in popularity is the glass column fireplace, designed so that there is no chimney breast.

scandinavian simplicity fireplace

Instead, the flue of the fireplace is visible all the way up to the ceiling, leaving a gorgeous view of the flames within. These fireplaces are often located in the centre of a room, as opposed to being built into a wall.

Play with bold accents

Do you want your fireplace to stand out yet blend in at the same time? Painting the wall with an accent colour and choosing a fireplace to match the shade is a great way of creating a striking feature without drawing attention to your fireplace for the wrong reasons.

bold accents fireplace

This way, the fireplace fits seamlessly into your décor. If you’re choosing a darker colour such as navy blue or black, make sure that there are enough light accent colours around the space to brighten up that section of the room.

Embrace minimalism

Sometimes, less is more. Whether your minimalism comes in the form of a single colour scheme for your fireplace or you decide to choose a striking piece of stone, such as limestone, to do the talking for you, embracing the minimalist approach can create an eye-catching feature for any modern home.

minimalist fireplace

Combine the old with the new

There’s nothing that says you have to forego all traditional fireplace design in order to create a truly modern fireplace. With a bespoke fireplace design, you can marry together any styles you like.

Whether that’s a modern material, such as metal or even concrete, combined with a traditional design, or a traditional material, such as granite or marble, combined with a sleek, modern look, there are many different combinations available.

Stretch from floor to ceiling

A fireplace doesn’t have to be limited to a certain height or shape, so why not subvert all expectations and modernise your fireplace vertically instead of horizontally?

floor to celing

Modern households are now embracing spectacular fireplaces that stretch from floor to ceiling in one clean line. No matter what colour you choose for your fireplace, this design is bound to make it stand out and create an impact.

Create a curve

While modernism always seems to err on the side of straight lines and exact, angular shapes, there’s nothing to say that you can’t do the complete opposite – isn’t part of modernism all about pushing the boundaries?

Whether you decide to curve the edges of your fireplace or curve the surfaces in towards the hearth instead, this beautifully simplistic change will be both subtle and striking in any home.

Return to nature

At the very beginning, a fire was simply the combination of wood and a spark. While we don’t suggest you go about making sparks on the outside of your fireplace, why not return to nature by including gorgeous wood panelling on your fireplace?

Perfect for matching with other wood furnishings, this timeless design will complement the rest of your home, while also providing a rustic, yet visually eye-catching touch to your room. The modern style can come from how you style the fireplace; choose clean lines to accent the hearth itself.

Get the industrial look

Some of the most modern design trends this year are focused around two unlikely materials: metals and concrete. If used in the right way, they can create a striking fireplace surround that tempers the industrial look while keeping down the cost.

With all the character of a sleekly stylish modern fireplace, concrete can be dressed up or down however you wish with the right accessories.

Frame a wood burner

Wood burners are becoming the modern choice to replace open fireplaces; more efficient and compact, they’re the perfect addition to a modern home. However, that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your fireplace entirely.

A sophisticated fireplace to surround a wood-burning stove is the perfect way to frame it in your room, adapting it into a feature instead of a functional appliance.

Embrace your mantelpiece

Mantelpieces don’t have to be old-fashioned. Whether you choose one solid piece of wood or stone to create a mantelpiece above the fireplace as a focal point, or position your mantel beneath the fire, it can be a perfect space for a piece of modern art or a striking vase.

Create your modern fireplace with County Stone

If you’re looking for an eye-catching, modern fireplace inspired by one or more of the ideas we’ve mentioned here, you’ve come to the right place. Here at County Stone, our experienced professionals will work with you every step of the way to help create your bespoke modern fireplace. Find out more and get your quote here.