Why choose a limestone fireplace?

The fireplace and the room it is featured in is often considered the heart of the home – a place where people gather and socialise. A new fireplace should both suit the room’s aesthetic and reflect the personality and style of the buyer.

In this blog, we’re looking at the versatile limestone, a material that has been creating beautiful fireplaces for homes since the 1600s. It’s a popular stone to choose, but that isn’t the only reason to choose it – take a look at some of the other reasons why limestone could be the best fireplace material for you.

It’s ethically sourced and local

Some of the most popular quarries for limestone can be found right here in the UK, on the Lincolnshire limestone belt. It’s considered by many to be one of the best quality limestones on the market so, if you choose to source your material locally, you’ll be able to guarantee the great quality you’re looking for.

What’s more, sourcing your limestone from the UK is also very ecologically friendly since it avoids the environmental and monetary costs of transporting heavy stone across the planet.

It’s always unique

There are no two pieces of limestone that are the same – every single piece of the natural stone will be unique, both in look and feel. This means that you can guarantee that your limestone fireplace will not look like anyone else’s.

The reason for the unique look is because limestone is a sedimentary rock, meaning that it was formed of layers of compacted shells, mud and other natural debris at the bottom of the ocean over many thousands of years.

It’s easy to work with

Limestone is a very strong and durable material yet, surprisingly, it is easier to work with than other stones like granite and marble. This means that the stonemason creating your limestone fireplace will be able to create beautifully clean lines and accurate cuts to make sure your fireplace fits its intended space.

Its workability also allows for limestone to be easily customisable, since it’s a lot more straightforward to add unique design features, such as side and mantlepiece carving and capital shaping.

It’s good value for money

Because limestone can be sourced right here in the UK and because it’s more neutral than other stones, English limestone is amazingly affordable for fireplace construction.

This means that you can spend far less on the stone itself, and more on the customisation options you’d like to include to make your fireplace truly bespoke. Here at County Stone, we allow full customisation of your chosen fireplace design to make sure that your limestone fireplace is ideal for your home.

It’s stylish and elegant

While it’s seen as a relatively neutral material, limestone can come in many different colours due to its creation method as a sedimentary rock. Ranging from creams and yellows to greys and even pale pinks, limestone can inject a timeless elegance and warmth into your home no matter your aesthetic.

It also comes in both smooth and grainy textures – some limestone fireplaces can show visible remnants of shells and sea creatures embedded in the rock!

It’s easy to maintain

You may have heard warnings about having limestone in your home, due to it being a porous rock, but we’re here to tell you that it’s not a problem.

As long as you seal the fireplace surround with a specialist limestone sealant every now and then, you should be able to ward off all kinds of stains and moisture, leaving your limestone looking stunning. Your limestone fireplace will be sealed as part of the construction and fitting process.

It works with all styles of fire

Whether you’ve got a wood burner, an open fireplace or a gas fire, including a limestone fireplace surround to accentuate it won’t be a problem.

As it’s easy to maintain and clean, as well as being especially long-lasting due to its durability, there is no risk of damage from any of the fire methods you employ.

At County Stone, our 20+ years of experience have positioned us as a business that prides itself on fine workmanship and excellence of quality. If you’re looking to add a fireplace to your home, and we’ve now convinced you that limestone is the stone for you, contact us today so we can start working on your bespoke limestone fireplace.