Burns statue delayed due to granite supply issue

Plans have had to be delayed for the facelift of a statue in Dumfries, according to bbc.co.uk. The statue of Robert Burns is set to be put back by up to three months.

The overhaul was originally scheduled for February and is estimated to take around 16 weeks to complete. However, a problem with the supply of granite is causing a hold-up.

The granite, coming from China, has had to be delayed, apparently because of bad weather in the country. Dgstandard.co.uk reports the transformation project was costing around £1 million as part of a much bigger scheme to regenerate the town centre as a whole.

The area is due to have a much higher profile with a civic square planned, as well as turning it into a major transport hub for the town. With a cost of around £14.5 million, the area is also gaining housing projects, as well as having the Dock Park being reworked.

Councillor Jeff Leaver expressed concerns about the delay of the project, saying:

“One of the key points about doing the work in February, as it was originally timetabled, until May was that we would avoid the most active part of the tourist season. This could have a massive effect on retailers.”