Cleethorpes seafront to get granite landmark

A new landmark is to be installed on the seafront of Cleethorpes, according to A globe made of granite is due to be mounted on a plinth that already stands in the area.

The globe, worth £3,000 has been flown from India where it was made, to Felixstowe in preparation for the mounting. The Cleethorpes Renaissance Town Team (CRTT) wants a suitable landmark that will make the most of the Meridian Line that runs through the resort. cited vandalism as being a potential issue for the CRTT when it was trying to think of an appropriate object to mark the spot. The Boy With The Leaking Boot has repeatedly been targeted so the team is keen to avoid a repeat of this situation.

Chairman Barry Way said: “It will have to be left unattended in quite a vulnerable spot but because of the weight of the stone, we think it would be quite hard to move or break.”

Various ideas had been submitted to draw attention to the Meridian Line, which is currently marked by a steel plate that’s been there since the 1930s. However, it seems that the material of the globe is a key reason for it being chosen.