Clever cupboard configuration creates convenience, says expert

An efficient kitchen workspace is one with considered and convenient kitchen cupboards, according to one interior designer writing for

When most people think about creating or renovating their kitchen, many make improvements to the existing design, replacing worn counters with granite worktops, for example. While this may seem like the logical thing to do, home-owners ought not to be scared to reconfigure the entire room, starting with the cupboards.

Interior designer, Jennifer Ott says that clever cupboard configuration can improve efficiency and comfort. She recommends removing tall cabinets that can’t be reached without a step and replacing them with windows for more light.

To make up the space, she suggests installing a pantry, especially against an interior wall that wouldn’t accommodate a window. Alternatively, fixing open shelves can create sensible extra storage space, as ‘you can see where everything is’.

Lastly, Ott suggests considering vertical-opening cupboards. Instead of opening the doors outwards and needing to step back, the doors roll up internally – perfect for small spaces.

For those that wish to incorporate some autumnal trends into their newly-configured kitchen, earthy tones (unsurprisingly) have been touted as key for the leaf-falling season. lists muddy rose, purple, teal and cream as colours to use on the walls or as accessories. These are fresh, warm shades that are as far away from brown, orange, red and any other typical autumn shade as it gets.