Decorators can take inspiration from nature, according to guide

A decorating guide has talked about how taking inspiration from nature can bring a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere to the home.

The guide, published on, claims that using natural elements in the home will create a classic design that won’t go out of fashion quickly. It recommends the use of a range of textures, materials and colours, which are based on the great outdoors to achieve the effect.

However, this doesn’t have to be just grey and taupe shades. According to the guide there are a number of colours which can help you achieve an au-natural feel to your chosen room.

It states: “If you go to your window… you will see that nature is actually a million miles away from plan beige and grey… there may be pure blue sky, green from the trees or grass and a range of bright colours and pastel shades from flowers.”

The guide continues: “Even if you are thinking of applying a neutral colour scheme, you can bring it to life with splashes of zesty green, fuchsia pink, or for a more subtle look, feminine pastels.”

Wood is also recommended for a natural room, especially for bathrooms where it can provide a modern and organic feel; perfect for de-stressing.

A post about the ‘hottest interiors’ for 2013 published last month on also agreed that nature would be a big trend for this year, saying decorators should concentrate on an ‘into the woods’ theme – using woods such as beech, birch, pine and oak.