Expert focuses on 2014 interior design trends

One expert believes that 2014 will see a continuation of the organic colours and ‘further mixing of quite different and fragmented elements’ that has dominated the last six months so far.

James Gumersell, an interior design expert writing for, believes the addition of ‘bolder, summer and holiday inspired colours’ will lead the decorating sector into 2014, along with neutral organic shades like beige.

However, patterns will also be making a huge comeback next year, claims the expert cited by

“…These could take the form of Pop Art style patterns or patterned wallpapers with a vintage aspect to them while avoiding the more tasteless side of retro – more 80s than 70s,” he said.

When it comes to the kitchen, tasteful ‘homely’ colours will dominate the room. As a result more natural, organic materials, colours and finishes will be embraced by those looking to revamp their kitchen.

For fixtures and fittings, it is likely this sector will blend a mix of the old and new.

Gumersell explains: “Some commentators suggest a likelihood of classical style items mixed in a fun way with items from other periods whereas more ambitious commentators suggest a fragmented and yet coherent layout.”

For example, 2014 will see a resurgence of antique and period door handles, which could fit well with a vintage style kitchen, adds Gumersell.