Experts reveal how to manage the new-build interiors decision process

Increasing numbers of home-hunters are looking for new-builds in order that they can ‘direct the details’ of their interior, but are quickly overwhelmed, according to

It’s long been acknowledged one of the advantages of buying a brand new home over an older one is the opportunity for buyers to influence the colour of the walls, the type of fireplace surround, flooring options and choosing between granite and quartz for the kitchen worktops.

“That’s the beauty of building a new home,” said home-builder Brian Brunhofer, “You get to pick every little part and piece.”

However, he’s quick to add that with such a lot of decisions to make, the process can very quickly become overwhelming. Knowing that a house is probably the most expensive purchase they’ll ever make, some people feel under extreme pressure to make sure it turns out right.

Fortunately, several experts have shared some tips with Christy Whelan of Airhart Construction advises home-buyers to ‘start an idea file’, browsing design magazines or Pinterest to find inspiration. Buyers should bring their swatches and paint samples when visiting the building site, too.

Working with the builders is another tip: determine whether they have an in-house selection centre you should see or whether independent visits to the bathroom / tile / carpet warehouses are required. Buyers are urged to check on time scales for certain decisions, as some builders need decisions to be made prior to construction.

Lastly, interior designer, Kristin Petro says that setting a budget is crucial. This can make the selection process far more manageable, focusing the selection to items within a particular price bracket.