Five flooring options for a granite kitchen

When renovating a kitchen, it can be all too easy to forget about the floor. There are a number of different options and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Most importantly, you’ll need something that goes with your granite worktops. Here are five great flooring options that will go beautifully in your new granite kitchen.


If you want a classic, warm kitchen full of natural beauty, hardwood is a great choice for your floor. It never goes out of style and can easily be refreshed if you get bored of its look after a while. Beware that there are things that can damage hardwood floor though, such as animal claws and high-heeled shoes, although it is also fairly easy to repair this damage if need be.

Dark hardwood flooring goes particularly well with lighter granites, perhaps in white or a sandy colour.


If you do have pets and small children, you might prefer something a bit more durable and easier to clean. Laminate flooring can imitate the look of wood or tile flooring but for a fraction of the price, making it a perfect choice if you’ve spent your budget on a beautiful granite worktop. Although it is durable, dirt and sand can scratch the surface over time, so be sure to sweep the floors regularly to avoid this.

Due to the different styles it’s available in, laminate looks great with any sort of granite.


Those that want a little bit more luxury in their kitchen might want to choose real tile instead of laminate. There are three different types of tile available – ceramic, porcelain and stone. Ceramic is easier to install than porcelain, but porcelain is less likely to get damaged. Stone, on the other hand, is the most expensive option and arguably the best-looking too.

The numerous choices of tiles means they can easily look great in any kitchen. However, checkerboard tiles would look particularly good in a black and white themed kitchen.


Linoleum, or lino as it’s commonly known, is great for injecting a bit of colour into an otherwise plain kitchen. This flooring comes in a wide variety of colours and stands up to heat, stains, foot traffic, water and scratching. It’s also very comfortable to stand on and incredibly easy to clean.

Try going for a pale yellow or orange lino in a kitchen with a natural sandy-coloured granite.


This natural material has grown in popularity of late and its strong patterns and texture make it very distinctive. It’s not for everyone but it’s resilient and is nice and easy on the feet – perfect if you spend a long time in your kitchen.

Consider choosing a light cork flooring against dark wood cabinets and green granite worktops.

As well as picking flooring that complements the look of your kitchen, remember to select a type that fits your needs too. After all, there isn’t much point investing in a granite worktop because it’s tough and stain resistant if you then choose a flooring that’s delicate and hard to clean.