Five simple projects to revamp your kitchen in 2014

There are a whole range of New Year’s resolutions that can be made. However if you want one that is definitely going to be rewarding, then you should look into updating your home for 2014. Improving your living space is one of the most worthwhile investments of all, as having comfortable and attractive surroundings will no doubt make you feel happier.

The kitchen is a perfect room to pick – considering it is usually one of the most social and most-used rooms in the home. Below are five of the best ways of giving your kitchen a New Year makeover in a flash.

1. Get painting!

Painting your kitchen a different colour is probably one of the easiest and most simple ways to give it a makeover. Make sure that you buy special kitchen-adapted paint however, as this will be stain resistant and will protect it from household products. Painting the walls will often transform your room completely and will give it a substantial update.

Ensure that the shade still complements the furniture and appliances already in the room, if not, you may find that you have to change these too. Those who think a different wall shade is too much of a drastic change may want to try painting some of the furniture instead to either refresh them or update them.

2. Add an island

Adding an island to your kitchen can bring a number of positives to the room. As well as improving the amount of storage space, it may also give homeowners an extra area to work or socialise. The island can either be a permanent fixture or you can look into purchasing a portable one if you want to try it out first. The island can be purchased in the same shade as your other furniture or you could even buy one in a contrasting colour so that it stands out. Make sure that there is a 42-inch clearance area around it though, so you can move about easily still.

3. Upgrade appliances

Kitchen appliances are generally used extremely frequently, meaning most people will have at least one that needs updating. For example, you may have a really basic microwave that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the appliances, or a cooker that has seen better days. Spending money on these items will no doubt be worthwhile and a good investment.

4. Change the accessories

If all of your appliances are up to scratch, then why not change your accessories? In most kitchens, there is usually at least a mug which has a chip in it, miss-matching plates, or pans that are a bit rusty. Buying new tableware or accessories could give your kitchen that little refresh that it needed and make spending time in there even more enjoyable.

5. Add new shelves

If you find that your kitchen is a little cluttered or overcrowded, then new shelving is definitely a good idea. This will make sure items are off the worktops, leaving you more space to prepare food. New shelves will also allow you to display any fancy kitchenware that you have – impressing your guests!

So, go forth and kit out your kitchen for the New Year, today!