Get the walls right and everything else will fall into place, says interior designer

An interior designer has highlighted that important of getting an interior’s walls right.

Celia Sawyer, who appears on Channel 4 show ‘Four Rooms’ wrote on this week: “The walls of the house are like the spine. They exist throughout the house and are the backdrop to every room, acting like a blank canvas upon which we set the atmosphere of the room and showcase the accessories that make the room ‘lived in and loved’.”

One of her top tips is to keep walls looking natural, especially in rooms such as the bathroom, as it keeps it looking clean. Those who are trying to achieve this natural look in their bathroom may want to incorporate decor such as granite worktops, wood and plants, which will bring an earthy feel to the room.

Another guide published this week by also suggests using stikwood on walls for a natural look, as it claims that these real wood planks add texture instantly.

Ms Sawyer also said that if homeowners aren’t after the natural look, they can always go the complete other way and use a material such as faux leather on their walls. The designer says she is a “real fan” of the material and that it can create a “cool” atmosphere to homes.