Green is top choice for 2013 interiors

Different shades of green are a popular choice for home interiors in 2013, according to

White has been a popular choice over the past couple of years, but it seems colour is back in fashion. Mixing up a variety of hues is the way to turn green into the new white. Opting for different shades can make it a versatile colour for every room in the house.

Marketing director of Urbanara, Claire Davidson, commented: “Green is a wonderful colour – lively, radiant and lush – and is acknowledged as a colour that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony. It’s both bright and brilliantly versatile.” compiled a range of pictures showing the different shades of green that can be incorporated into interior design, with a rustic look seeming to be a particularly effective theme.

A green door can complement dark grey walls in a kitchen, but counteracting the dark shades with pale furniture can bring some light to the room as well. Granite worktops and an unfinished wooden table can lend a traditional touch to a modern home.

Adding green accessories like cushions and vases are a more subtle way to bring the trend into the home and keep it seasonal.