‘High spec’ buzzwords appeal to property buyers, report finds

A new study has revealed a new set of property buzzwords are attracting interest – and they’re all aesthetic, propertywire.com reports.

Not so long ago, phrases such as ‘close to good schools’ or ‘great access to major traffic links’ were the sorts of elements that home-owners sought when comparing properties. However, research carried out by insurer Aviva has discovered that a new breed of home hunters are looking for better quality items inside the home.

The analysis of five million homes on the market revealed that 257,000 are now described as comprising a ‘high-spec interior’, which appears to be the latest ‘must have’.

Most commonly mentioned was under-floor heating, a feature that appeared in 63 per cent of property descriptions. Almost a third made a point of highlighting their quality finishes, such as granite kitchen worktops and marble flooring.

Other features that came up in the study, says aviva.com, included luxurious fittings, such as built-in wardrobes or entertainment centres and premium brand appliances like a Smeg fridge.

Commenting on the trend for emphasising aesthetic items, Heather Smith, Aviva director of home insurance, said: “We all fall in love with properties for different reasons, and while the character and charm of a home is a matter of personal taste, it seems that assets such as smart flooring and on trend kitchen brands are as important to some buyers as transport links and schools.”