How to keep your kitchen smelling glorious all year round

It is one thing having your kitchen smell glorious for an hour after you’ve made some freshly-baked bread or cakes, but how do you keep it smelling fresh for the whole year round?

With a few simple tips, your kitchen will be as fresh and as sweet-smelling as a daisy.

Keep bins emptied

One of the simplest ways to keep your kitchen smelling sweet is to make sure that you empty your rubbish bin regularly. Being a kitchen waste bin, it is likely you will fill it with leftover food and packaging, which will end up rotting after a few days. This definitely won’t be pleasant if it is not disposed of properly. You may also need to make sure you change your bins more regularly in the summer months, as the heat will likely speed up the process of decomposition.

De-clog drains

Those who have blocked up drains will also find that a nasty smell will start being emitted from their sink. The best way to make sure that drains are clean is to pour a mixture of baking soda and vinegar down the sink, followed by some warm water. This should do the trick and make sure everything is clean.

Clean, clean, clean!

A dirty kitchen definitely won’t make for a fragrant kitchen – that is for sure! Make sure you clean up any spills straight away to avoid any nasty smells or mould build-up. You will also want to clean your fridge out often and mop your floor weekly, as well as wipe down work-tops after use.

Get rid of grease

An accumulation of grease around your cooker and stove is not only unhygienic, but also won’t be very sweet-smelling after a while. Make sure that any grease is cleaned from your cooker – especially around the stove, which is likely to build up easily. To get a good finish, lift up the burners and clean using a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water after every use.

Wash sponges

As well as keeping your kitchen units and equipment clean, you will also need to make sure that what you use to clean it isn’t dirty. Sponges and cloths that have been overused are likely to kick up a stink and will also not do a very good job of getting everything else clean. Make sure you wash them off after every use and change them regularly.

Buy yourself some fresh flowers

Once everything else is clean and tidy, one other way that you can get a glorious-smelling kitchen is to purchase some fresh flowers. Flowers that are well-known for their beautiful fragrance are frangipani, sweet alyssum, lily-of-the-valleys and jasmine. Just make sure that you change them regularly however, so they stay fresh.

So there you have it, a glorious-smelling kitchen all year round is yours.