It is possible to have a urinal in the home bathroom, says guide

A guide has argued that it is possible to have a urinal in the home without it looking strange.

The guide, published on, says that a urinal in the home hosts a number of benefits. Not only can it help keep the bathroom clean, it can also save space and it can be worked in as part of the bathroom’s overall design.

For example, those who have just installed some new granite bathroom worktops can install a granite urinal which matches or complements the design.

It suggests that urinals can be particularly useful for those who suffer from a disability or illness, as it means they don’t have to go from sitting down to standing up to sitting back down again. This could result in a lot less pain for the person, so a urinal in the home could be handy for some men, especially those who are older.

In addition, holiday homes can also benefit from the installation of a urinal, as it means there can be two places to use the bathroom wherein there isn’t enough space to put in two toilets.

The guide, also posted on, notes that big families might benefit from having waterless urinals installed in their bathroom. Waterless urinals are near silent and make going to the bathroom at much quicker experience, meaning that queue for the family bathroom should go down quicker.